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Use more analogies in demo and presentation

Presales presenting demo

Use more analogies in demo and presentation. Why? A well-crafted analogy will help convey the value of the solution with ease. It helps the audience remember the ideas that were presented during the demonstration/presentation.

It is vital for a Solution Engineer to resonate with their customer’s requirements and pitch their solution with the help of a story or an analogy.

What is an Analogy?

An analogy is a form of comparison to provide a better explanation for a point. A common analogy everyone recognizes is “Mary had a little lamb. Her fleece was white as snow.”

Why use an Analogy?

During presentations, I have come across many solution engineers explaining features which the potential customers were never able to relate to. They leave confused after listening to the presentation.

Some Engineers improvise by sharing statistics. However, customers tend to forget these stats once the presentation is done. They don’t carry anything useful.

Hence, analogies during a presentation helps your customer remember a story which in this case is the story of your product. The key idea is to present an analogy that fits your story, which the customer understands.

A Few Analogies

Here are a few analogies that I have used based on my current experience in presales.

1.“Forums are like Facebook: Customers can share their views or voice their opinions as a post and viewers can reply to the post as comments. So it is one to many communication channels.”

Everybody knows Facebook. So, it becomes easier and memorable.

2. Channels which users can use to reach support to help solve their queries are like Transport: It facilitates movement from point A to point B via different media. Here the transportation media could be Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc..but the information (issue) should reach you (support staff).

3. Audit logs – The word “audit” means “to hear”, logs means “record of the event”. The audit logs are like the history of events that happen in a day/month/year.

4. SLA – The SLA is like an “alarm clock”, where you can set the deadline. If the time hits, then it will ring so loud. 

5. Automators – The automators are like “automatic cars” when you put the key and start the car and the gear is in the drive mode, the car automatically moves. Here, “starting the car with the key” and “having the gear on the drive mode” are rules, which automatically leads onto the car movement.

Since there isn’t a single analogy to fit every situation, the key is to adapt our analogies to fit the scenario in question. And, it’s important to change analogies over time as well.

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