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Objection Handling – How to handle?


When I started this article on objection handling never did I think it will become a two part series. To make it easier for reading I had to break it down into two. Thanks for understanding.

Objections are inevitable during demos or POC.  And, objections are perceived as something difficult to handle. I have seen many Pre Sales or Sales Engineers getting nervous  when they face one. But, most objections can be effectively handled by following a simple strategy. A shift in your mindset to acknowledge objections as a positive signal for a sale rather than a threat. 

Why are objections raised?

Customer objections arise when they have concerns about the quality of the product, service offered by the business or knowledge of the sales engineer whom they interact with, they love your competitor  and price.But, two other major factors stand tall among the rest – The risk involved in the switch and why disturb the existing setup.

What is objection handling?

It is a way to respond and change the mindset of the buyer by addressing their concerns. In the process of changing client mindset, don’t end up arguing that your product or service is the game changer or best among the competitors. That is not objection handling. This will end up proving the client that their stand has been right all along. That results in losing the rapport and sales.

Why is objection handling important?

If not negated in the early stage, the client would be holding onto his strong point. And, as a result you may lose the deal though they would be the right fit. And, in some cases, I have seen sales give a heavy discount to save the deal. 

When you are unable to persuade them to choose your service or product,then go ahead and close the file. It looks like they might not be the right fit for you.

Embrace objection handling

Whenever I come across an objection it excites me. It is a positive signal for selling as they have been actively processing the information put across their table. They are much better than prospects who lean on their table, relax and never engage at all.

The tough ones are your opportunity to shine and gain your client’s trust and attention. They are the now who have been weighing the pros and cons. As a result they come up with these objections. The ones that are easy going are never the one we can win.

So, embrace those who object because they are the ones willing to adopt for change if they convinced right.

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by DoyenThoughts

A customer experience enthusiast helping organizations scale business by bringing them closer to their customers.

11th November 2021

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