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Be grateful to 2020. Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

Be grateful to 2020 while we welcome 2021

2020 has been a hard year for us all. The pandemic changed our lives in countless ways and disrupted the status quo. It would go down as one of the worst for many.

But, I see a lot of positives that came out of 2020.

I believe last year taught a great lesson to humankind.  


Though technology brought people across the world closer, we were miles apart from our friends and families who were closer to us. It made us spend more time and be connected with them.

Our lifestyle was pathetic in recent years. It revealed to us how weak we are when the virus attacked us. We were forced to embrace a healthy lifestyle and people have realized the importance of it.

The majority of people stayed indoors to stay safe from the pandemic. It caused a decrease in pollution across the globe. People living in north India claimed that they were able to see the Himalayas from Jalandhar( not sure whether it was real) but I heard sparrow chirping near my home after many years. Nature breathed.

Best minds across the globe connected to find a solution for this pandemic. We have started hearing news of vaccines for this Covid-19 in a short time frame. It wouldn’t have been possible without people lending their hands.

Welcome 2021

2020 taught us humanity. It has taught us the meaning of life and its purpose; reminded us what we are. It brought the best character out of us.

So, why blame 2020. It did its job. To reset and start fresh. So, be grateful to 2020

And, I am moving forward to 2021 with more optimism. Are you?

by rameshkumarramachandran

Customer Officer | Revenue Expansion | Saas, Cloud Computing, Go-To-Market, Startups

3rd January 2021

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