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Prospecting is key for successful sales

Sales professional booking appointment

Prospecting is key for successful sales.But, most sales professionals dread prospecting.

A lot of salespeople dread prospecting because they fear reaching out to strangers and pitch the product or service. Ultimately, fearing that they may get rejected. 

When prospecting is done right, you get the opportunity to connect with buyers and sell the product/service.

So, what is prospecting?

It means contacting new leads, establish a connection and fix an appointment. The sales happen later.

Many sales professionals associate prospecting with cold calls. Hence, they hate prospecting.

The truth is you can’t wait for the customer to reach you in this competitive world. Be proactive. Get ready for prospecting.

The Challenge

Customers are caught off-guard because they didn’t expect your call even though they have shown interest in your product or services. They just want to get off the call and don’t want to be interrupted.

In the real world, your prospects have too many things and going on in their mind. To make them interested in your service or product, break their attention and raise the curiosity.

The Boring Pitch

“Hi! I’m Ram from ACME Corp, and I sell CRM implementation service from DoyenThoughts. I’d like to introduce my services. Is this a good time?”


That isn’t interesting to anyone and it certainly doesn’t make them curious to want to find out more.

Tweak The Pitch

Instead, here is a different pitch(courtesy: pipedrive)

“We, at DoyenThoughts, help SaaS companies like yours move away from the old quota-driven way of selling and empower salespeople to get better results with activity-based selling. Using our CRM system, we’ve seen our clients generate 80% more revenue using this activity-based selling approach.

I’d love to share more about this during a quick call sometime over the next week or so. Is this of interest?”

Now, I have the prospect’s attention.  I have tried to create a vision of what will happen if they buy my service or products. I have sowed the seed of interest.

To conclude

In order to increase your success rate, it is absolutely critical that you gain your prospect’s undivided attention.

Prospect effectively. Get ready to “Sell their dream

by rameshkumarramachandran

Customer Officer | Revenue Expansion | Saas, Cloud Computing, Go-To-Market, Startups

20th January 2021

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